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The Jan Kubelik Society was established in Prague in 1990. Its founding members include Jan Kubelik's son, the world famous conductor Rafael Kubelik, and his daughter Anita Kubelikova.
The Society focuses on promoting the work of the famous violinist and composer; in particular, the publication of his gramophone recordings and the presentation of Jan Kubelik's works as part of the concert repertoire. The Society is involved in publishing, the organization of concerts and archive research, and endeavours to preserve the legacy of other famous Czech violinists from the past.

Released CDs / DVDs:
CD Jan Kubelik CD Souvenir (Prihoda, Drdla, Kubelik) CD Czech Violin Pieces CD Hommage to Jan Kubelik CD Ruggiero Ricci in Prague CD Frantisek Ondricek - Legendary Violinist and Composer CD Ruggiero Ricci Plays Paganini Live DVD Ida Haendel Live in Pilsen CD Violin Wizard

Czech Violin Pieces
At the beginning of 2005, the Jan Kubelik Society released a new CD, "Czech Violin Pieces" (SJK-003). The interpretation is by violinist Jitka Novakova, winner of the Kocian Violin Competition and a laureate of many other international competitions. The piano is played by Jarmila Panochova. Famous violin pieces "From the Homeland" by Bedrich Smetana and "Mazurek" by Antonin Dvorak provide the core of the musical drama. The CD also contains lesser known pieces by Frantisek Ondricek, Jan Kubelik, Ferdinand Laub and Frantisek Benda. The technical virtuosity of Paganini's Czech contemporary colleague, Josef Slavik, is shown in the recording of his Concerto in A minor. The text included contains a paper about the history of the Czech violin school with a focus on the above-mentioned personalities.
Excerpts of comments by Ruggiero Ricci: "Wonderful playing - such a nice style and musicality... I did not know any short pieces by Ondricek, who must have been a very good violinist. I played some of his etudes. ...Ferdinand Laub must have been a very good musician. I recorded his cadenza (a very good one) for the Beethoven concerto... The Slavik concerto is a very nice piece".

track listing

SJK001 Jan KubelikEUR 10,-
SJK002 Souvenir (Prihoda, Drdla, Kubelik) 2CDsEUR 14,-
SJK003 Czech Violin PiecesEUR 8,-
SJK004 Hommage to Jan KubelikEUR 8,-
SJK005 Ruggiero Ricci in PragueEUR 12,-
SJK006 Frantisek Ondricek - Legendary Violinist and Composer EUR 12,-
SJK007 Ruggiero Ricci Plays Paganini LiveEUR 12,-
SJK008 Ida Haendel Live in Pilsen EUR 12,-
SJK009 Violin Wizard - Jan KubelikEUR 12,-

This CDs you may order from the address: mirvilimec@seznam.cz

Miroslav Vilimec
Chairman of the Jan Kubelik Society
Concertmaster of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Konevova 177, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic
tel.: +420 603 980 977

Jan Kubelik(1880 - 1940)
CD Czech Violin Pieces
Jan Kubelik(1880 - 1940)

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